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If You’re a Private Investigator or Just a Person Who Wants a Spy Hearing Equipment for Any Kind of Surveillance, then Such a Tool as Spy Listening Device May be Exactly What You’re Looking for.

Surveillance is not an easy task. You have to waste a lot of time (sometimes days and nights) and energy if you want to get to your goal. You may keep running around digging those trashcans or stay all night long just to gather that crucial piece of information you need. However, there’s an easier and much more convenient way of surveillance.

And that is – using spy listening devices.

Listening devices are probably the most popular and widely used spy gadget that private investigators, FBI or police forces use.

There are all kinds of listening devices. Starting from small, poor quality transmitters to high-end expensive listening devices. There are all kinds of spy listening tools on the market for you to choose from these days. It all depends on your needs and budget. But possibilities are almost limitless’

Phone Bugs – a Common Listening Device

The most common one is (your heard this a dozen times in movies probably) a bug. A bug is simply a small device that can be attached almost anywhere. It then sends signals to another location to stream or record the voice.

Usually bugs are placed directly into regular phones. Sometimes, they may be put near the phone. Such ‘bugs’ may not look like bugs at all. They can look like a clock, pen or about any item you can think of. These little neat devices can capture important conversations and allow you to record them easily for later use.

You don’t need to keep your ears wide all the time just to hear an important info. You may record the phone conversation and listen to it later when you’ll have time. There are such spy bugs that turn on only when someone starts talking. That means they record only the phone conversations and you don’t need to listen to a complete silence every single second’

Professional Distant Sound Recorders

Alternatively, there are more advanced listening devices for more serious secret surveillance. Such devices include distant sound recorders. Let’s admit it. In some cases, simple phone bugs won’t help. When you’re trying to catch someone’s voice when they’re not at home and not using the phone, there’s no better device than distant listening device.

These gadgets aren’t very expensive. You may find some for less than $100 bucks on the internet. Of course, more advanced and feature-rich devices will cost more than that.

Why Distant Spy Listening Devices Are Attractive?

With these babies, you can hear and record a conversation 300 yards away from you. These devices usually use powerful parabolic dishes to amplify the sounds you hear.

Imagine that your ‘target’ is planning to have an important conversation in some remote area. You desperately need to hear what they’ll be talking about’

So what can you do?

Heh, you can’t come close enough with a simple audio recorder or a dictaphone in hand. You can’t come too close or you’ll be spotted. Now distant listening devices come very handy in such situations. You can sit in your van, direct a dish into the talkers and hear their every single word as clear as a day. And all that can be performed from 100 or 300 yard distance. Nice

Hidden & Wearable Spy Listening Tools

Have you ever wanted to record a conversation with someone, but was afraid that dictaphones could make you trouble (cause they’re quite large and aren’t very flexible)? Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Wearable spy listening devices will record everything you want and no one will ever guess that it’s a spying tool.

Such body worn spy hearing equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes. It can be a simple pen, it can be eyeglasses or it can be a watch. You name it’

Just think about it, you can even take a pen to make some notes, while actually making it easier to record a clear voice of your ‘suspect’. Actually, you don’t even need to take it out. A pen can be inside the pocket of your jacket and still allow you to record quality sound. It’s because microphones are very sensitive and won’t give you any problems whatsoever.

Or you could simply leave a pen or your watch ‘accidentally’ and record what’s going on in the room while you’re sitting in your room and drinking coffee.

See how powerful it is?

Handy Cell Phone Listening Devices

But audio surveillance may not only be a tool of private investigators. You know, in some cases, these little gadgets may be used by regular folks too. For example, parents who want to track their teens’ conversations. In such cases, cell phone listening devices are very handy.

Cell phone surveillance devices come separately or already built-into a cell phone. Such devices are not hard to ‘shove’, especially to a teenager.

Now who doesn’t want a free gift, right? And if that gift is new modern cell phone, then a kid will be thrilled. As soon as they’re hooked, you can listen to all of their conversations. Find out if they’re using drugs, having trouble in school, have some gangster friends and so on’

All you need to do is dial an alternate number to connect to the bug that resides inside a cell phone and you can listen to their conversations instantly. Do you need more proof that spy hearing devices are a boon for audio surveillance?

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