Photo Blocker

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Proven Effectiveness

As seen on TV, the Photo Blocker reflects radar flash. Spray the material on your license plate and you can speed right through a camera zone with your license plate looking like a blurry blob to the speed entrapment cops.

Photo Blocker has been featured on Fox News and CBS News, as well as tested by the Denver Police Department. They all agree that Photo Blocker does indeed do what it claims it does.

The Down Low

So exactly how does this magic material work? Photo cameras emit a strong flash to read a license plate, but Photo Blocker has a patent-pending formula that reflects any flash back at the camera which in turn forces the camera to take a horrible overexposed picture.

To use Photo Blocker, simply spray your license plate until it is completely covered. Let it dry and repeat until you have a nice glossy coating on your license plate. The plate should be protected for life!

This is definitely one of the coolest spy gadgets to avoid unwarranted automated- speeding tickets.