Pen Spy Camera – A Serious Spy Gadget in Any Situation

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Spy Camera Pen Doubles as a Voice Recorder in Your Pocket. Want Light Minicam that Connects via USB Port? Get this Spy Pen…

Hard to believe that such a tiny pen can pack so much technology inside. It writes on paper like a real pen. It looks just like regular pen too. But unlike other pens, it spies on people near you. This is without a doubt the most popular mini spy camera device you’ll find. People love these spy camera pens. Especially teens who like to goof around with their buddies or family.

It should not surprise you that real PI’s, law enforcers in general use these spy pens too whenever they need to secretly record a suspect on camera or just take shots of a room. If you’re looking for a quality mini spy cam for audio/video recording or taking still shots, get yourself this pen spy camera.

Using a pen camera is extremely easy. Push the top button to activate the recorder and capture the view. Micro camera is mounted inside and you can see the lens right above the pen clip. It’s barely noticeable thanks to the slick design of a pen.

720i (1280×720) resolution at 30 FPS high definition video recording, 12 Megapixel camera to capture amazing quality still photos, microscopic microphone built in on the other side of the spy pen and USB port for convenient transfer of photos, audio, video to your Mac, PC or notebook make a pen spy camera the spy gadget of our choice.

USB port not only allows you easily and quickly transfer data into a computer, but also charge the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. With only one charge you can get from 20 to 40 hours of surveillance time for yourself. Not always you can find such a small piece of equipment able to deliver so much.

Spy Pen Camera is a Must if You…

  • Feel psychological abuse from your colleagues at work and no one seems to notice that. Where your job and life is at risk and you need evidence to save your face.
  • Experience sexual harassment at work. When your boss is subtly trying to provoke you, but you have no way of resisting without losing your job.
  • Notice small items (watch, glasses, rings) or money disappearing from your home or office and you can’t seem to understand why. And nobody has seen anything…
  • Feel physical or mental abuse, domestic conflicts, suspect your spouse of cheating, have someone bullying you around all the time…

In cases like the ones mentioned, spying pen recorder is highly suggested. You should get legal advice and make sure that evidence will be sufficient prior to doing anything. But in many cases, this is the only way to stop the violence.

Yes, I Want One of These!

It’s a great choice without a doubt. Let me offer you 2 of the best selling spy camera pens, that got even higher discounts recently. Not everyone’s pockets are the same. Heck, even if you carry a lot of money you’d be a fool not to get a good deal right. So here are 2 pens for you:

  • Spy Pen (4GB with ~20 Hours of Recording)
  • Spy Pen (8GB with ~40 Hours of Recording)

Both of these pens have the features mentioned above. They one of the first spying pens to have such a high video recording quality. Image quality is even better. You can use it as a voice recorder or a web camera to take shots of what happening in your room.

Let me just say this: If you are thinking about a mini spy camera that needs no wires, that you can take anywhere with you and perform secret surveillance on someone – pen spy camera is that choice.