Night Vision Binocular – Your Perfect Tool for Night-Time Spying or Nature Observing

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Nowadays, night vision binocular is one of the most common types of binoculars you can find. General binoculars are used for sighting distant objects, animals, people, etc. in the day light. But how can you see objects in the dark? Well, night vision binoculars are something that helps you see almost anything in the middle of the night. It is very handy for nature lovers, security personnel, law enforcers, special oops, etc.

There is a wide-range of night vision binoculars available in the market. Depending on the generation of these binoculars, they vary in prices and features.

  • First Generation Night Vision BinocularFirst generation binoculars are generally used by the civilians for personal purposes. This sort of binocular can intensify surrounding light by the factor of 1000. The best thing about these binoculars is that they are affordable and widely used as well.
  • Second Generation Night Vision BinocularSecond generation binoculars are a bit higher in price and have more features. High cost however, is well-balanced with its advanced features. These can help you to get sharper, clearer and brighter images than the first gen. These binoculars are mostly used by the first responders like rescue units and police.
  • Third Generation Night Vision BinocularThird generation binoculars are far better than previous ones. The sharpness and brightness of image is superior. They are mostly used for military purposes. Obviously, these are quite expensive and not everyone can get them.

Where Can You Use These?

It’s not really an easy task picking the appropriate binocular. You need to determine where you are going to use them. In general, people like to use these binoculars for the following purposes. Have a look below:

  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Night Safari
  • Night-time Navigation
  • Night Venture

Each one has a few specific requirements. As a result, you may need to browse the models more carefully and choose more wisely.

How Does A Night Vision Binocular Work?

A night vision binocular amplifies the ambient light to get a clear image of distant objects in the dark. The existing light near the binocular is amplified so that it seems to be much sharper and brighter inside the binocular. Not only is the visible light used here, infrared light of the spectrum is used as well. Therefore, the image appears green inside the binoculars. It’s because of the phosphor screen of vision-glass.

While browsing to buy a night vision binocular, you have to consider the form of light that you are going to use it in. First generation is perfect enough to suit with a full moon night. If no light condition prevails, then you have to go for second or third generation binoculars.