Military Grade Outdoor HD Spy Camera

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Eagle Eye Extreme Infrared Outdoor HD Camera with DVR

Just like in the movie “Eagle Eye,” here comes another great security and surveillance product that rivals military security. The Eagle Eye Extreme Infrared Outdoor HD Camera with DVR not only boasts an extremely long product name, but brings the latest military grade technology into its HD Camera.

Amazing Features

This outdoor camera brings HD quality, crystal clear video and audio recorded straight into the included DVR. The Eagle Eye Camera records day or night, with a 30 foot night-vision range. The camera even includes a time stamp, temperature stamp, and the current moon phase. The Eagle Cam also contains a motion detection option to start recording as it reads a temperature change. You can set the camera to take snapshots or shoot video in HD 1024×720.

Outdoor Use

While you can place the camera anywhere, it is specially designed for use outside. It is 100% weatherproof and is best utilized outside because it can record possible intruders in the dark. This military device can be set in a tree or mounted to a wall. No matter what, no intruder will escape its view.

The Specs:

  • Records day or night up to 30 feet away
  • Choose your recording method – pictures or audio and video
  • 1024 x 720 High Definition Digital Video For Crystal Clear Viewing
  • Motion-activated video or fast-action snapshots
  • Weatherproof and rugged for unparalleled outdoor surveillance
  • 30 Ft. Nightvision With 54 Infrared Emitter

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for home security systems.)