Lithium-Ion Battery

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Lithium-ion (or Li-ion/LIB) batteries are the most common type of batteries used for wireless devices. Be it cell phones, notebooks, camcorders or spy camera DVR’s. You see this name very often, but how are these batteries better than any other ones? Let’s try to take a quick look shall we?

First of all, they’re rechargeable – a no brainer, right? You save money using rechargeable batteries. But even when compared to other rechargeable battery technologies, li-ion has advantages.

  1. They’re Lighter – If you take the same size li-ion and other batteries, lithium-ion will weigh less.
  2. More Energetic – These batteries produce more energy than others.
  3. Store Charge Longer – They lose less energy than other technologies.
  4. Longer Lasting – They last longer. You can charge them and discharge 100’s of times.

There were reports that lithium-ion batteries burst into flames. This happens maybe once or twice per million units, but it may happen nevertheless.