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When we talk about listening devices many things come to our minds. 007 on a mission secretly listening to Russian spies, husband recording conversation with his wife for evidence in court, or simple audio recording during a class in college.

It’s easy to get confused when people refer to so many different things while talking about listening devices. To make it easier for you to pick your audio spying tool of choice, let’s try to categorize those covert listening devices into something more reasonable.

Types of Listening Devices

  • Distant sound amplifiers – These are some of the most sophisticated and professional audio surveillance devices. Sound amplifiers can let you listen in on conversations from a 300 yard distance. They are commonly used by government agencies and private detectives for secret listening. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be used by regular consumers too.
  • Covert listening devices – We’re talking about high-engineered spy listening devices used as wearable spy equipment. Concealed inside everyday items like watches, necklaces, hats and so on. Perfect for covert operation communications as well as low range audio recording. Advanced models also come with pre-installed spy cameras along with audio.
  • Telephone Recorders – How about telephone recorders? In some cases you may need to record a conversation that you can give to the police. Conversation with a blackmailer, criminals, pranksters and so on. Having a nice listening device that can record a phone conversion is very disguised and useful thing for anyone.
  • Digital Recorders – Yes, these also fall into listening device category. Press a button and record the whole hour long meeting. For businessmen, it’s useful to take notes for yourself or record client’s/competitor’s core business information to share with your bosses or shareholders. You can carry these recorders anywhere, as long as you’re sure you’re not being checked.
  • Sound vibration amplifiers – These listening devices are used for many purposes like detecting leakage, bomb ticking in a building; prevent voice leakage in a room. They can be also used to spy on nearby ‘targets’, like suspects in another hotel room. Because of high sensitivity, these listening devices can pick up even the lightest vibrations and let you hear what you couldn’t with a naked ear.

You can try combining listening devices with recording devices to save conversations and not risking to miss vital information. Such audio surveillance equipment helps easily prevent issues and stop various threats. Many of these devices are used right now by your local police, FBI, CIA and other top level security institutions around the world.

Just because regular consumers can acquire these amazing listening gadgets, doesn’t make them less effective in any way. Well manufactured and backed with strong guarantees, these listening products have proven to be solid and trustworthy not only by daily consumers, but also security companies, US military or police departments.

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