IP Security Camera – The “New Era” Surveillance or Just a Buzz Word for the Crowd?

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In the old days, camera surveillance was limited to giant closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras that recorded to VHS tapes. Those are the cameras you see with eerie signs nearby that say, “We can see you!” or “You’re on camera, smile!”… Well welcome to the new age, which consists of high-tech IP network security cameras.

The days of newer technology have arrived in the form of the IP network video camera. So what is all the hype about these fancy new cams? The network camera has its own web server and unique IP address. This new technology allows you to control the video camera from any location with high-speed internet access. The best way to describe the IP security camera is to think of it as a camera-computer combination.

The transmission of the camera images and video are not limited to the area like with wired CCTV cameras. With an IP camera, the image can be sent to your computer or even laptop. This is accomplished via DSL, cable, or satellite internet. Your cell phone can also be set up as the receiver of images, which gives you the opportunity to check-in on your camera from anywhere at any time.

Advantages of IP Security Cameras

  • Images and video can be watched live and stored to your computer hard drive for later viewing.
  • The ability to monitor multiple cameras from a central hub, such as a security room.
  • Police agencies to detect speeders or keep an eye on high crime locations.
  • Images cannot be stolen from a camera because information is stored on a far-off computer.
  • Businesses can keep an eye on employees and shoplifters.
  • The ability to pan, zoom in, and move around the camera.
  • Cameras can be viewed by the general public on the internet, such as weather cameras.
  • Monitor a vacation home from your primary home.

How About Some Advice on Camera Choices?

With a combination of Wireless PTZ IP security cameras and the 16 Channel Remote Surveillance System, you can monitor property located anywhere, even on the other side of the planet, all in real-time from your computer. You also have complete control over the camera movements on your computer. There is no doubt that combining a giant surveillance system of IP cameras is a great asset in protecting property, whether business or personal.

Never again will you have to worry about burglars or vandals, even if you’re sitting on a beach and drinking Pinacolada 3000 miles away.