How GPS Data Logger Works?

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Data logger is any electronic device that stores data or information over a period of time. They use portable and usually battery powered. Why is this important? Because that’s what GPS data logger is. GPS loggers are essentially different from real time GPS trackers, because of their technological design features.

GPS Data Logger vs. GPS Tracker

Is there are difference? You betcha. For majority of people there’s no difference between the two. However, in reality they have major difference. What is it? GPS trackers are miniature devices you put on a moving object/subject to track its location in real time. You stick such device to a car or put it inside a bag. Then open up your notebook. Connect to GPS tracker software like Google Maps and see where that GPS tracker is at the moment. It’s usually worldwide anywhere satellites reach basically.

GPS data logger on the other hand doesn’t give you such luxury. They are not real-time trackers. What it means is that you can only see the locations where this device has travelled. And only when you retrieve the GPS logger to download data into your computer, import into the GPS software. GPS loggers collect data over time and you can see its routes when you get it back.

For this reason GPS data loggers are cheaper than real-time GPS trackers.