Hi-Fi XtremeLife DVR Kit

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Security systems make use of many different elements, most particularly security cameras. Cameras can be visible or hidden, wired or wireless, but they are almost always recorded to a digital video recorder or DVR. A DVR kit generally consists of a mass storage device that can record hours upon hours of video that can later be viewed by plugging the DVR into a TV or computer.

Depending on your security system choices, you might buy a kit with cameras of your choice that record back to your DVR. A DVR camera kit is a 2-in-1 type deal. You get the DVR with a camera giving you a more complete security package. DVRs range in how many cameras they can record. Some DVRs are 4-channel, meaning they can record up to 4 camera signal, while some are 16-channel, which are often used by businesses.

When choosing a DVR, consider buying one that includes the camera. With most DVR’s, you can plug in a different cam if you choose, or even multiple cameras. The best DVRs allow multiple camera control over a wireless network. However, these are quite pricey.

Unique-Design, Popular DVR System

A unique and popular DVR is Xtremelife DVR Camera Kit. This particular DVR unit contains up to twenty hours of video on a single battery charge. Not only does it record nearly an entire day, but this particular DVR comes with a hidden pinhole-sized camera. If you do not want to use the pinhole camera, you can simply unplug it and plug in security camera, wireless or wired.

The pinhole camera makes the Xtremelife DVR quite different from most DVR camera kits. With a pinhole camera attached to your DVR, you can place the DVR anywhere you would like. It makes a superior hidden camera. You could place the DVR inside a box and poke a hole for the camera to record through. You could hide the DVR around your TV and electronics and aim the camera wherever you would like. Most people would not realize it’s a camera, and just assume it’s part of the wiring. Very neat covert surveillance.

More Features of the DVR Kit:

Aside from the 20 hours of charge and the detachable pinhole camera, the Xtremelife DVR features motion sensor technology that begins recording onto an SD card. When reviewing video, you can either insert the SD card into your computer or you can just plug the DVR unit into your computer.

The kit also features high resolution images of up to 1280×960, and the motion detection even picks up body heat to record in the dark. The DVR captures real-time HD video and is small enough to hide in a tissue box. The entire kit includes the DVR, SD card, and micro pinhole camera for discreet hidden video.

Hidden video is a great feature to include in your security system. With hidden video you have control over seeing what happens, while everyone else is oblivious to its existence. A hidden camera with a DVR control gives you the versatility you need to monitor people and property.