GPS Bug Detector for Protection and Stronger Counter-Surveillance

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This GPS Tracker Detector Sweeps Bugs in No Time

Are you bugged at home, in your office? Is your car tracked by GPS devices? Stop being paranoid about everything. Sleep well at night with this quality GPS detector.

Why You Even Need This?

Good question. In today’s world anyone can be bugged, even you. You never know who is doing it, but using our tools you can prevent them from doing their dirty surveillance stuff. If you have been or still are connected to government, military you may be bugged. Additionally, even if you know someone who worked for secret services, any law enforcement or judicial institution you may be bugged. They usually track even those merely connected to their target.

Lastly, if you have/know/seen any kind of valuable or for some people, secret and classified information you may be under surveillance without even knowing it. The only way to avoid this is to get one of our quality GPS tracking units, which can basically detect spy cameras, microphones or any transmitters nearby in the room or close area.

Better Protection

But it’s not just another bug detector. This baby can also help you protect yourself from unwanted surveillance. What this little device does is it can generate white noise with included mic. audio. It means that those trying to listen to or record your conversations will only hear white noise. Now that’s just sweet.

Here’s what this GPS tracker detector can do:

  • Spot wired & wireless cameras in the area
  • Detect wireless mics.
  • Find audio transmitter bugs nearby
  • Notify you about video transmitters
  • Detect GPS trackers when they are transmitting a signal
  • Expose all wireless transmitter bugs
  • Find all types of concealed transmitters
  • Detect computer and FAX eavesdropping transmitters
  • Reveal “Series” and “Parallel” phone transmitters
  • Catch bumper beepers & body worn transmitters
  • Basically detects any of “infinity” devices

This is one of the highest quality products for counter-surveillance on the market. The exact same models are also sold to government, CIA, and military at the time of reading. It means that you’ll be foot to foot with the big dogs up there.

If you believe your privacy is in danger, then think about one of these bad boys. No one will be able to track you or monitor your activity. You’ll have complete privacy.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for anti-surveillance equipment.)