Digital Picture Frame Camera

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What’s so special about this hidden camera? Well it’s actually a digital picture frame. So you can enjoy that function. But you can also record video. How? It transmits video up to 500 feet away to the receiver. Nice? Yes.

It also transmits encoded signal, so that no one can see your transmission. It can be important if someone carries anti-surveillance equipment like camera hunter to spot any wireless video signals. With this one, you’re covered. And yes, it comes in 2 models. USB and RCA based. Quickly about both of these:

  • RCA receiver is a small device that is able to receive the transmitted video/audio data from the spy camera. You can connect it to VCR, TV, other DVR’s and record all the data received.|
  • USB receiver is connected into the PC or notebook. These can get data sent to them up to 500 feet away from this covert camera. As long as it’s a USB inside a computer, you can stream video live from the computer to the internet. What it means is that you can watch the footage being miles away from the spy camera while logging into the internet. Of course these things require some time to setup, but possibilities are amazing.

You get a nice and neatly designed digital picture frame with a spy camera pre-installed. This spy gadget is perfect for home. Put it on the table or on a windowsill to monitor nannies, children, guests.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for more hidden cameras.)