Camera Resolution

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When shopping for spy cameras, you might have stumbled upon a term – resolution. You know in computers resolution determines the size of your monitor screen or vice versa. In cameras, resolution is pretty much the same thing. It determines the quality of image you’ll get. Only for cameras resolution is calculated by the number of horizontal video lines. 480, 320, 720 (HD) etc…

Camera resolution sometimes called LOR (lines of resolution) is one of the most important aspects you should consider in a camera, besides the other like camera lens. The higher the resolution, the better video quality you will get. Sharper image that is.

Also one thing to consider is the monitor/DVR screen you’ll be using to playback the videos. No doubt it can affect the quality of videos. Poorly designed monitors will show unclear, blurry image. You’ll need to playback the video on a different monitor to get higher quality.