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How to Turn a BlackBerry into 24/7 GPS Tracker that Will Report Real-Time GPS Updates With 5 Meter Accuracy?

GPS trackers come in many shapes and sizes. But you don’t have $300-$400 to spend on a professional GPS unit for surveillance? How about GPS cell phone tracking. More specifically, BlackBerry Mobile GPS tracking solution?

You can quite easily install the software into your or someone else’s blackberry device and instantly turn it into a fully working GPS tracker. Geo-fencing, email alerts, and accurate GPS updates along with history will be stored in a server/computer that you can access 5 years from now.

Best Blackberry GPS Tracker Uses?

You already have in mind what you’d like to do with the mobile tracking software. Let’s see where’s this software can be used in everyday life situations.

  • Teen Tracking – Parents protecting their kids & teens install the soft into their blackberries to see what friends they hang out with.
  • Personal Tracker – You can use your own BlackBerry as a personal GPS tracker when you go on a longer trip. In case you get lost, someone will keep checking updates to see where you are.
  • Child Protection – Give a blackberry to your child and teach them how to use the “panic button” for an emergency situation. So you can help them ASAP.

However, most common use is employee surveillance. Companies give Blackberries to their employees so they could monitor them with very low expenses anywhere in the world.

For example you send one of your employees abroad, but aren’t sure how fast they’re going to get to the meeting with important clients. Now you could track their GPS location to see where they are and give them directions even. Also make sure they’re not wasting company’s money by travelling around.

Best of all the BlackBerry GPS Tracker software can be installed not on one, but 1000’s of Blackberries all at once. For this however, you’d need to use a server.

Download BlackBerry GPS Tracker Yourself

Enough talking, time to take action. Like the idea of having a BlackBerry/GPS tracker with less than 10% of the cost you’d pay for a regular GPS tracker? Then act right now. Click the link below and you’ll be taken to GPS tracking software for mobile BlackBerry devices.

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