Bed Bug Camera

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Suppose you have a pest problem that is not visible to the human eye, such as bed bugs. You need a device that can view these unwanted guests. On the other hand, perhaps you are a scientist or at least you want to be, and you need a high-tech microscopic device to identify small bugs.

The Bed Bug Camera is a special type of spy camera that has a 300x zoom. An LED light is attached to create plenty of light while you snap high-quality photos. Using the same type of lenses as a microscope, the camera is designed for up-close examination of things that cannot be seen without magnification.

Popular uses:

  • Bed bug evidence
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Education learning
  • Money checker
  • Hair checking
  • Quality control inspection
  • Jewelry examination

The Bed Bug Camera is your own portable microscope. With a 300x zoom, you might just be able to see your individual skin cells or examine a butterfly’s wings. With such a unique gadget, your curiosity and more importantly, imagination are the only limitations to this mini-microscope’s use.