Audio Surveillance Equipment

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They say picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes thousand words is exactly what you need. In the world of surveillance/espionage audio surveillance still plays a part. Sure, nowadays sophisticated mini spy cameras are what most people are looking for. Not only have you got the sound, but also a video for undeniable evidence. However, there are instances where listening bugs or spy listening devices are irreplaceable.

Think of a distant voice conversation. Nothing will bear parabolic listening device like sound amplifier that captures sounds hundreds of feet away from you. Or telephone taps for example. With a phone recording system that you can control with a laptop, there’s no easier way to capture crucial dialog.

Your Choices for Spying with Audio

    • Digital voice recorders – One of the simplest and most straightforward listening devices. You can record whatever you want with a press of a single button.
      • General recorders – You can choose from simple digital voice recorders that fir into your pocket. For taking notes or secretly recording what’s happening in the room. Or you can choose a more “spy-style” device:
      • Covert audio recorders – For covert audio surveillance, there’s nothing better than disguised audio listening/recording device. They come in forms of pens, watches, necklaces, earrings and so on.
  • Phone Bugs – Old school phone taps haven’t gone anywhere. Secret government agencies still use them a lot. Although it’s getting trickier to perform audio surveillance on someone this way as there are quite a few tap wire detectors on the market that can make someone’s life harder and someone’s safer.
  • Parabolic Listening Devices – We’ve mentioned these before. How they work is by a handheld directional antenna that you point from a distance and listen to any sounds there are. From nature observations to serious crime prevention – these distant sound amplifiers are a fantastic way to grab conversations from far away.
  • Cell Phone Surveillance – With the surge of smartphones, there’s option to install mobile phone tracking/spying/listening software into one of these in seconds. You can hear not only every conversation or text/MMS message sent, but also access their phonebooks.
  • Wall Microphones – These act similar to a glass placed against the wall. It picks up sound vibrations and lets you hear the voices much clearer. Perfect for secret audio surveillance when you need to listen to someone in another room.
  • Laser Listening Equipment – Very high-end audio surveillance tools used only by professionals employ lasers to capture a distant sound. When there’s no other way to enter inside the building, laser listening devices can be pointed through the windows to pick up sounds and convert them back into electronic signals.

Audio surveillance technology is progressing every day. 10 years from now we’ll be looking at listening devices so easy to use and sophisticated, that what we have now may seem like ancient discovery. The good news for average consumers is that prices are dropping constantly. And now you can get quality made/high-warranty audio surveillance equipment very cheap.

Made up your mind already? Why not take a look at some of the listening devices, sound amplifiers for professional and home use.