Historical GPS Tracker

Historical GPS TrackerGPS trackers appear to be standard in vehicles today. However if you are needing to hide a tracker or need constant monitoring, then one of the best trackers on the market is the ePath Historical GPS Tracker.

The ePath Tracker has a long power life of 120 hours of data, which adds up to mapping a massive 262,000 waypoints on its internal memory.

The tracker boasts a motion detection sensor, so it will not waste battery life when the vehicle it is monitoring begins to move.

ePath uses Google maps to provide simple, yet detailed mapping information.

Some of its unique features that make it stand out from other GPS trackers include its small size, water resistance, extremely long battery life, and its internal motion sensor.

Amazingly, the ePath Tracker does all of this on a mere 64MB internal memory card. The ePath also includes software that makes retrieving information very simple.

All you have to do is hook up the USB cable and it downloads mapping information to your computer that you can view with Google maps. Google provides locations within 3 meters. But best of all is the ability to record 262,000 unique points. This allows you to basically virtually drive through the map.

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No Fee Nice GPS Tracker

Free From a Fee

GPS UnitIf you have a GPS system, you are aware that most companies charge a monthly fee for its usage. So not only do you have to buy the GPS hardware, but you have a new monthly bill to use the GPS system itself.

The Conan – No Fee GPS is a unit that is perfect for anyone wanting real-time GPS tracking in a vehicle without all those fees. You can control the Conan with your cellphone.

Multiple Modes

  • SMS Trigger mode allows the Conan device to send you a GPS position whenever you send a text to the GPS unit.

  • Motion trigger mode starts the GPS tracker when the device detects that the car is in motion. In this mode, the device sends you an update every 5 minutes.

  • Geofence alarm mode allows you to set boundaries of where the car can move. If a boundary is passed a text alert is sent to you. Great for teens who are trying to drive too far from home.

  • Speeding alarm mode is, you guessed it, a mode that sends a message to your phone with GPS information as well as a speed report.

  • Live tracking mode is a non-stop tracking mode in which you can control the Conan to send location status updates up to 255 times per setting.

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Pen that Detects Radio Signals

Security experts and spy gadget buffs are aware that there are a myriad of choices of nifty hidden radio frequency detectors you can purchase on the market. The RF-Pen Detector looks like your typical fancy pen, but packs an RF signal detector to find tracking bugs, and even cell phones up to over 30 feet away.

If the LED light on the pen starts to flash it is detecting a signal which could be from wiretapping, a hidden camera, a cell phone, or any item that releases a radio frequency.

Whether you have a high level job, such as the CIA, or you are a private investigator who thinks someone is watching, the pen is a great tool to have. With its nice 30 foot range, if your pen LED goes off you can narrow down your search and find a hidden device by moving out of the area the pen alarms you is sending RF signals.

The RF-Pen is a unique detector of bugging devices that will most certainly fulfill your need for bugging detection.

Read more about this RF pen detector

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HP Printer Hidden Cam

Security and printers rarely have anything in common, except for the HP Printer w/ Hi-Res self-recording Spy camera. The awesome printer comes with a spy camera and DVR included to record video.

This printer has every function of the normal HP printer model, but with your surveillance camera included. The 2GB SD Card is included in the purchase, and everything is in one piece.

Features include: normal printer use, completely hidden camera and SD card slot, and easy video playback on Windows Media Player.


  • Model: – HP Printer/ Fully Functional / Original Condition
  • Camera Lens: – Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens
  • Quality: – 420 TV Lines
  • Minimum Lux (light): – 0.5
  • Resolution: – 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality
  • Frame rate: – 12FPS
  • Recording Mode: – Motion Detection
  • Storage Mode: – SD and HCSD Cards
  • Size Supported: – 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
  • Recording Length: – 10 seconds – 2 minutes per clip or per motion
  • Recording Cycle: – Auto-Recycle (deletes oldest clip)
  • Recording Capacity: – Recording with motion detect on, In most environments the DVR will record between 2-4 days per Giga-byte (GB). If the DVR is set to record continuously, The DVR will record 3.5 hours per GB.

Printer with Hidden Camera

HP Printer Spy Camera – Read More

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Fan Spy Camera

How about a Camera in your Fan?

Fan with Built in CameraThe use of this motion-detection recording device is essential to protect your home. Fitting in the surveillance category of nanny cams, the Hi-Res Portable Fan with a Self-Recording Spy Camera allows you to record 10 second to 2 minute video clips that are saved onto an SD card inside the cover spy unit.

A Piece of Cake

In 4 easy steps, the self-recording fan is up and ready to use. Simply insert the SD card for recording and plug in the fan (or you can use batteries). When you are finished recording, simply disconnect the power and remove the SD card for viewing on your personal computer.


The fan works like a normal fan providing a nice breeze if you are not currently using it as a nanny cam. The camera points straight out, with a slight tilt upward to get a big view for recording. Watch your video with Windows Media Player or a video player of your choice. Video is recorded at a resolution of 640×480 and triggered by motion-detection.

For more of a boost, you can upgrade the camera quality at any time with additional accessories. Tech support is available to assist you during normal business hours.

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Spy Camera Inside LCD TV?

Hi-Res 32″ LCD TV Self Recording Spy Camera

LCD TV Spy Camera

Who doesn’t love a nice LCD TV? What if you could mix the TV with a spy camera system? The Hi-Res 32″ LCD TV Self Recording Spy Camera has all the normal functions of a high-quality LCD HDTV with a hidden camera.

The camera is completely covert, with no visible pinhole or SD card slot. The included camera records 10 second to 2 minute video clips with a date and time stamp included. The 2GB SD card is included with your purchase.

The 4 Easy Steps!
Step 1: Insert the SD card, then plug the power cord into an outlet.
Step 2: Aim the camera where you want to record.
Step 3: Disconnect the power, take out the card, and view the video on your computer.
Step 4: Repeat.


  • Model: – Element 32″ LCD TV / All Of The Original Functions Work 100% / Original Condition
  • Camera Lens: – Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens
  • Quality: – 420 TV Lines
  • Minimum Lux (light): – 0.5
  • Resolution: – 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality
  • Frame rate: – 12FPS
  • Recording Mode: – Motion Detection
  • Storage Mode: – SD and HCSD Cards
  • Sizes Supported: – 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
  • Recording Length: – 10 seconds – 2 minutes per clip or per motion
  • Recording Cycle: – Auto-Recycle (deletes oldest clip)
  • Recording Capacity: – Recording with motion detect on, In most environments the DVR will record between 2-4 days per Giga-byte (GB). If the DVR is set to record continuously, The DVR will record 3.5 hours per GB.

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Wire Tap Detector

Detects WiretapsPerfect for Special Agents

Protection from “enemy” spying is something many special agents in high levels of law enforcement must keep at bay. The life of an FBI or CIA agent is dangerous and requires them to be ready and alert 24 hours a day.

A special agent will always be prepared with the Down Line Wire Tap Detector to scan their immediate premises, their home, or their office for: any hidden wiretapping, bug tracking devices, GPS bug devices, and telephone connections. The device also checks telephone lines for hidden bypass switches used to remotely monitor landline phones.

Detection Specifications:

The Down Line Wire Tap Detector can detect devices with a resistance of 61 ohms or more. It also detects parallel devices with a resistance of 65 megohms or less.

With the Down Line Detector you will never have to wonder if you are being double-crossed or spied on in a high level security work area.

Grab This Detector Now

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Body Worn Spy Kit

Body Worn Spy Kit

Spy with Sunglasses

When it is necessary to go incognito on a sunny day, you’ll be glad you have the Body Worn Propak Kit. The spy kit allows you to record video with a small camera inside you sunglasses. It also comes with a button for instant starting and stopping of recording to the included DVR. The sunglasses are powered by the DVR itself and require no extra energy usage.

Multiple Lenses

Perhaps you don’t want to walk around in sunglasses. That is fine since the ProPak Kit comes with 8 interchangeable lenses to choose from.

DVR Features

  • Time/date display
  • Quick swap battery
  • Adaptor/charger
  • USB cable
  • Computer software for downloading to your PC.
  • 128 Mb internal memory and SD card slot for 5 hours recording on INCLUDED 1GB SD card.

A hard shell, highly durable carrying case is included to store your DVR and sunglasses when not in use. Now when spying, you can walk around in style, without fear of being noticed. No matter what your particular mission or covert operation happens to be, you will find that the sunglasses make a formidable asset to your spying data collection.

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Portable Speech Protection?

Portable Speech ProtectionIn the world of business it is important to keep private meetings private. Those who wish to eavesdrop or spy on you illegally may have tapped your phone or bugged your office. With the Portable Speech Protection System in your possession, all radio frequencies of any tracking bugs or listening devices will become scrambled with distorted speech that cannot be understood.

Some of the Great Features

Some of the great features of the Portable Speech Protection System included plug and play for instant use, audio jamming, chaotic noise generator for scrambling any spy devices, a built- in bug detector to find wiretaps, adds a second pink-noise generator that performs a second scramble, and eliminates the need for large sound systems to keep your speech private.

What Do Spies Want?

Most spies who are eavesdropping on your business conversations competitors looking for information that would help them understand how your business operates including processes, pricing, sales tactics, financial information, contract bids, and manufacturing ideas.

A private office can be truly private with the Portable Speech Protection System. You are safe from would–be information thieves with voice scrambling, and you can find their hidden devices with the RF Detector.

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Swim Mask with Camera

Swim Mask Spy CameraWhat’s more fun than swimming or snorkeling; adding a Video Swim Mask to record your adventures as you move about the water!

The Vide Swim Mask was actually used to help film the live version of “The Little Mermaid” movie. The camera allows you to record hands free with the camera on top of the mask as you swim or snorkel about all the way down to a 15 foot depth.

Product Information

  • For ages 13 and up
  • Swim mask with integrated waterproof digital camera
  • Eliminates the need to carry an underwater camera, keeping hands free to swim
  • 5 MP camera can operate to a depth of 15ft / 5m
  • Works in swimming pools or while snorkeling in the wild
  • Goggle lenses are tempered glass with integrated crosshairs for lining up shots
  • Can be set to still photo mode or video mode
  • LED inside the mask tells you which mode you have selected
  • Easily download images by plugging the mask into your computer via USB (cable included)
  • If you have a PC, you can use the included software to edit your content
  • Built-in 16 MB memory can store up to 27 high resolution photos or 52 seconds of video
  • MicroSD card slot allows you to expand memory up to 2GB for additional pictures or videos
  • Requires 2AAA batteries (included)

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