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Photo Blocker

Proven Effectiveness

photo-blockerAs seen on TV, the Photo Blocker reflects radar flash. Spray the material on your license plate and you can speed right through a camera zone with your license plate looking like a blurry blob to the …

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Auto Theft Deterrent Light

Thief Deterrent LightsTrick a Thief

Are you interested in a complete car alarm system? Perhaps you were interested until you saw the steep price that is out of your range. The Car Theft Deterrent Light emulates the look of a real car …

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Board Camera Protection

The Custom Vacu-coat for Board Camera is a special device to be used anywhere a camera can be placed while remaining free from dust, moisture, and the elements. The camera is great for hiding in hidden areas for use as …

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Self Destructing MRAM

Mangetoresistive RAM (MRAM) is a unique creation by Philips, which allows a self-destruct sequence to initiate and destroy the device holding information. So if you are prone to walking around with top-secret government information in a small handheld device encased …

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Robocop Glasses for Brazilian Police

Brazil, host of the World Cup in 2014, plans on using some extremely high tech gadgetry as part of security. The nicknamed, “RoboCop Glasses” have several unique features. The glasses can 400 images of the face in a mere second. …

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Fingerprint Flash Drive

Perhaps you have a high-level security job that requires you to carry sensitive information with you on a flash drive. Whether you are an accountant with someone’s personal tax information, a doctor looking at a patient file, or work for …

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