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Flying Droid Spy Cam?

Flying Droid Spy Camera

The University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada has developed a robotic flying spy machine. The Scout is a fully remote control aircraft for surveillance that rivals a helicopter. Law enforcement agencies and military intelligence have taken great interest in the …

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Cool Peephole Reverser

Peephole reverserLaw enforcement seems to get all the fun gadgets, but they don’t have exclusive access. The Tactical Door Viewer Peephole Reverser allows you to look through a peephole without anyone being able to see you back through the hole.

Police …

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Spy Kite

Spy KiteThere are great spy gadgets available for purchase, and there are also mediocre spy gadgets. The Spy Kite has the amazing ability to fly up to 80 feet in the air with a camera attached recording all the action that …

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