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Night Storm – Night Vision Scope

Night Storm Black

Nightvision goggles are one of the most popular surveillance tools used in security. The Night Storm Black features rugged durability with 3.5x magnification and included illumination for night viewing. It boasts a 6 element, 50mm heavy-coated lens, and can even …

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Pool Alarm System

Ease of Mind

Pool AlarmProtecting your children, who have not developed strong swimming skills from the dangers of a swimming pool, should be a top priority for your family‚Äôs well-being. The Pool Alarm can help prevent worry and ease your mind.…

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Photo Blocker

Proven Effectiveness

photo-blockerAs seen on TV, the Photo Blocker reflects radar flash. Spray the material on your license plate and you can speed right through a camera zone with your license plate looking like a blurry blob to the …

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Auto Theft Deterrent Light

Thief Deterrent LightsTrick a Thief

Are you interested in a complete car alarm system? Perhaps you were interested until you saw the steep price that is out of your range. The Car Theft Deterrent Light emulates the look of a real car …

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H.264 Mini Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video RecorderBasic Info

If you are looking for a great deal on a digital video recorder (DVR), there are many choices out there. The H.264 Mini Digital Video Recorder is a small and highly portable DVR unit that is perfect for …

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The Belt Camera

Many people seek unique covert spy gear that security companies invent for the serious surveillance tech. The Covert Belt Buckle Camera is what it says, a normal belt with a camera hidden in the buckle.

The Buckle has a micro-camera …

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Mobile Spy Camera

mobile spy cameraFor covert security operations, the 1.3 Megapixel WDR Mobile Camera delivers a stunning and clear image at all times.

The camera can be mounted over your ear so you can discreetly record whatever it is you need for your current …

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Wireless Handheld LCD Receiver

Handheld wireless receiverThe MDVR16 micro digital recorder has a great addition with the 1.2Ghz or 2.4GHz Receiver, which scans the 8 popular frequencies in the each of the ranges. This attachable receiver also includes a recorder full of memory and an …

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Spyfinder – Hidden Camera Finder

Personal Spy Cam Finder

Consider the SpyFinder Personal Camera Finder and Bug Detector for detecting tracking bugs that may be watching or listening in on you. This is the only detector that can detect cameras that are not transmitting an RF frequency to detect. …

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Board Camera Protection

The Custom Vacu-coat for Board Camera is a special device to be used anywhere a camera can be placed while remaining free from dust, moisture, and the elements. The camera is great for hiding in hidden areas for use as …

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