Spy Listening Devices:

Spy hearing devices such as parabolic microphones, phone bugs, distant sound recorders, mics. and cam glasses and many more are an essential tool for professional covert surveillance. We've divided spy listening devices into specific categories based on what you're looking for. So take a look below & I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Detect Ear Spy Device

Hear conversation with pinpoint accuracy at 300 yards with the DetectEar Listening Device

Orbitor Electronic Ear

Cheaper & still powerful enough to capture distant sounds (and voices) from 300 feet away. "HEAR" and "SEE"a conversation from a football field away

"Portable Bionic Ear"

You can magnify faint or distant sounds with a clarity you never thought possible.

The Ear-2000 Mic.

It is packaged by the makers as an experimental bomb detection device because of its capabilities to pickup minute vibrations such as the faint ticking of a bomb. Amplifies vibrations from any surface: glass, concrete.

Noise Generator

PI & PD favorite - voice band noise masking for acoustic interference against spy devices.

Can be carried easily in coat pocket. Multiple units fit easily in a briefcase. Interested?

Lapel Microphone

It's ultra compact design is hardly noticeable to the naked eye. Size: 1/8" in diameter!

Probe Contact Mic.

The small acoustic "super sensor" pick-up placed against any surface & all sound vibrations will be amplified up to 100x via our portable 1 watt RMS amplifier

Sound Pro II System

Sound Pro II-our most powerful unidirectional microphone system. 10" microphone actually is two mics in one. You can accomplish so much with it...

PRO Spy Ear Listener

As simple &powerful as possible from a handheld listening device, this audio spy device can let you hear conversations through walls and other barriers.

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